Le Chiffre: 2016

Last year’s statement

With the last portion of turkey ingested, it is time to take advantage of it to do our corporate assessment for 2016. We had done the same exercise in 2015 for those who were with us at that time, and we believe that it is important to keep you informed of the management of the firm, as well as the evolution of the latter.




Resolutions taken for 2016:

Changing the brand image.

Choosing the name of a company means finding your newborn’s name by making sure that it has never been taken before. Imagine that Alexis, Marie and Arnaud are already reserved under a trademark. All you have to do is call your little Gaggle Lafleur or Brandoni Crevier and see the horrified reaction of kinship.

We had the same reaction when we proposed the names to replace LCLT inc. Fortunately, Le Chiffre, who was not at all unanimous at first, managed to stick. This is one of our best business decisions so far.





We promised pizza to the movers and we offered chicken. Besides the mutiny this almost caused, it was a great success. We are very happy in our new Nordelec offices.

Improved internal processes

The improvement of our ways of doing things is an eternal undertaking, but we have made considerable progress compared to the same date last year. We have to deal with two factors that slow us down: a refusal to accept the conventions of the environment (the old methods) and the explosive growth of the office. I believe that this resolution will remain topical every year, if only to follow the technological evolution of the companies with which we work.

Dashboard and analytics

It’s funny, since it was our goal in early 2016, and it was only at the end that we finally managed to find the formula that we like at this level. We have always given business intelligence, but we were looking for a way of doing that we could use for as many cases as possible, and that was powerful enough to our liking. We think we have the recipe for better financial modeling.

Buy a Segway for Aaron

Fortunately, we have given up on this. We should also take away the right to the elevator, his waist would be grateful.

The year 2016 in figures


* Note that we changed our old ugly binder for a new one!


The year 2016 in accomplishments:

  • We had our first wedding in 2016. Congratulations to Aaron!
  • We have a new website.
  • We have expanded the family! Welcome to Millie-Maude, Simon “Lack” Lacroix, Camille,
  • Richard, Valerie, Louis-David and our wonderful trainee Nathan “The Snake” Rivest.
  • We have launched a joint project with our partner GSOFT. Let us hope for its outbreak in 2017.
  • We have expanded our application ecosystem. We are now experts with Quickbooks Online, HubDoc, Crunchboards and many other integrations like Lightspeed and Shopify.
  • Achievement of Gold partner with Receipt Bank. We should also be pleased to be in their top 2% of cabinets with the best practices for the digital archiving of our documentation.
  • We now have a Facebook page where we put everything except relevant information on accounting and taxation. It would have to be done.




2017 Resolutions:

  • You talk more often, in person. Our digital processes and the fact that we move little cause a distance that we do not wish to have. We want to have, at least, a physical meeting with each of our clients each year.
  • Strengthen our internal processes even more (I told you that it would still be up-to-date!). In concrete terms, we want precise documentation to ensure continuity of operations with all our customers, regardless of the disaster.
  • Continue to accelerate the responsiveness of the companies we deal with. We want the information provided to decision-makers to be even more forward-looking, to improve the financial decisions that are made. It will therefore be necessary to speed up the release of reports and information processing, but also to improve the quality of the related board.

In short, we wish you an excellent year 2017. We also give two wet nozzles to the moral entities that are your companies, wishing them financial health and success in business. We will be there to help.

Good luck to everyone!

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