A team that you can depend on.

Thomas-Louis CPA, CMA

At Cascades, Thomas-Louis has been recognized for his great analytical skills and his ability to navigate complexity. He co-founded Le Chiffre in 2012 to change the accounting world, nothing less. Thomas approaches his hobbies with the same entrepreneurial obsession that led him to found Le Chiffre. Depending on the season, you will find him putting all his energies into his newest passion.

Julien CPA auditor

With solid tax experience, Julien wants to help businesses from A to Z. He finds great satisfaction in seeing his advice contribute to the growth of entrepreneurs. Consider him the ideal neighbor: always ready to participate in a BBQ, have a beer or accompany you in one of your sporting activites.

Vanessa CPA auditor, CA

Vanessa has been around, in small and large firms as well as in industry. Her great versatility and excellent analytical mind makes her an ingenious and creative accountant. If there is a solution, she will find it. Vanessa loves metal, heavy metal. When you meet her, you won’t believe it either.

Jean-Christophe L. CPA auditeur, CA

JC worked for many years at EY before joining our team working at our client, GSOFT. He’s an avid chuckler, and a real pleasure to work with. It is said that a moose can travel up to 6000 km annually during migrations. It’s pretty representative of how much JC can run in a year.

Marilyne Candidate for the CPA profession

Marilyne teaches at HEC, however she still wanted to deepen her knowledge in a more down-to-earth setting. She joined Le Chiffre with the firm intention to help entrepreneurs flourish. She is so passionate about cooking that she moved to her nonna’s house to access her best-kept secret recipes.

Your name, here

You have been thinking for a long time that the world of accounting must change and you think you can help us change the profession. You share our values of surpassing oneself, courage, dedication and pleasure.

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Patrick CPA, CA

Patrick has worked for more than 5 years in firms and 4 years in industry as an auditor, assistant auditor, and analyst. He is a former graduate of Laval University who wants to bring his analytical spirit to the SMB. In addition to being a serious and reliable accountant, he is a damn guitarist scratcher. He even recorded two progressive rock albums, impressive!

Fred Accountant to be

Fred is currently studying at the University of Sherbrooke and doing his internships at Le Chiffre, with the goal of learning more about technology in the world of accounting. He is a seasoned surfer. In the summer, you may encounter him at the “vague à Guy” in southwest Montreal.

Nicolas DEC

Nicolas has an atypical career path, having studied history and then moving towards payroll. With his experience at ADP, he joins Le Chiffre to bring his expertise to small businesses. Nic plays baseball as he talks about the history of the early 20th century, with a lot of passion.

Ani CPA Candidate

Ani is an ESG alumna. She is hard-working, persevering and knows how to adapt to any situation. She is an outstanding handy woman, she can jam together both artworks and financial statements. You laugh, but you would be surprised to see what our customers sometimes give us.

Jean-Gabriel CPA, CGA

With his HEC diploma in his pocket, Jean Gabriel was CFO of GSOFT for many years in addition to being a partner of Le Chiffre. He is known for his rigour and his pleasure in popularizing accounting. In hockey, Jean Gabriel is an outstanding goalkeeper. But he is the one who says it.

Alexia CPA Candidate

Alexia studied at HEC and worked at KPMG before joining us. She is an enthusiastic and smiling accountant with many talents. Alexia must know how to count, especially because she has a very expensive passion: Horses.

Félix CPA Candidate

Félix came from the stars, where he did an internship with aliens before joining our team. We keep him before returning him.

Roxanne CPA Candidate

From HEC, this former tutor joined us as a quiet force to accompany entrepreneurs. Roxanne had 95% in her river kayaking classes and 100% in her mountain hiking course. If this does not impress you, we do not know what will.

Sophie CPA, CA

Sophie worked in the finance world of Montreal Tech Start-ups before joining us. She is such a globetrotter that she has already made a round trip to Australia, we don’t know the whole story.

Sophie CPA

Sophie comes with sunshine even when it rains. It is not negotiable. She is a resourceful professional with a great sense of humor. Sophie loves dancing, which she practices as a way of expression, but also to stay in shape.

Millie-Maude CPA auditor, CA

After a stint at ESG and at Ernst and Young, Millie-Maude joined Le Chiffre to become more involved in SMB. Millie does not accept half-measures and does not hesitate to intervene to make sure things are well done. In addition to her accounting job, Millie loves to travel and is an accomplished basketball player.

Danièle Candidate for the CPA profession

Danielle studies at ESG, where she is completing her degree in accounting. She is resourceful and an entrepreneur, she even started her very own Onigiri sales company. Danielle always has the ability to surprise us, since she does not back down from a challenge.

She loves to travel and sings Korean Pop.

Sabrina Candidate for the CPA profession

Sabrina has always been passionate about Quebec entrepreneurship, with personal implications in various organizations. She knows how to adapt and is not afraid of complex technical challenges. She is also the mother of two adorable children and a huge dog, which does not stop her, however, from going to alternative electronic music festivals around the world.

Philip CPA, CMA

Philip grew professionally at Bob Agency, where he moved from accountant to CFO through his initiative and dedication. He is Director of Operations at Le Chiffre, and he works in the background, so each advisor is best equipped to take our clients to the next level of growth. He’s our coach, Le Chiffre’s very own Scotty Bowman. It’s quite fitting because he loves hockey.

Roberto CPA Candidate

Roberto made his way in various firms developing an interest in tax before landing at Le Chiffre,. He works attentively and methodically and is always eager to learn. Legend has it that he is a star boxer in El Salvador, although some would say he only did amateur boxing in Verdun in his youth.

Claudia CPA Candidate

Claudia studied at ESG where she was heavily involved in tax clinics. She also worked for six years in pharmacy, as a cosmetologist and then as an accountant. That’s where she learned to put make-up on numbers. It’s a joke, all her numbers are naturally-beautiful.

Thierry CPA auditeur, CA

After having worked in various accounting firms, Thierry decided to join Le Chiffre to have a direct impact on entrepreneurs. He’s a solid accountant with a soft spot for tax. Thierry has transposed his competitive nature from basketball to other hobbies, such as accounting or spikeball, a sport in which he and Millie-Maude make an amazing team, just like at home.

Simon BAA

Simon completed his studies in Moncton in accounting while playing in the QMJHL. In the locker room as in the office, he’s a team player, composed and thoughtful. Whether you like it or not, Simon is better than you in hockey. Have you been drafted in the NHL? He was.

Olivier CPA Auditor, CA

Fresh out of Sherbrooke University after a stint in the QMJHL, Olivier worked in a SMB accounting firm. A true social beast, he loves to bring his expertise to help entrepreneurs and his colleagues to excel. Outside of work, you may hear his bursts of laughter in an arena or even in Costa Rica.



Nadine College Diploma in Accounting

Nadine is completing her studies at HEC while working at Le Chiffre. After completing her technique in accounting, she got involved in school socially. She is a quick-witted accountant, which you will notice very quickly. Her dynamic nature is not reserved for word, you can also find her on the soccer fields, a sport she has practiced since a very young age.

Louis-David CPA auditor, CA

Louis-David’s ability to analyze and his unwavering logic makes him a machine with unparalleled computing power. To cool the system, from which smokes can sometimes be seen from overthinking, LD likes to have a cold beer in good company.

The Figures in numbers.