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The first years of a company are devoted to finding good customers, the remainder of its existence is devoted to finding the right employees. We are at a stage where we consider putting much more effort into the search for talent and its retention.

Failing to have a proper career page (and having to redesign part of the website), this page will serve as a temporary career page for Le Chiffre.




Why Le Chiffre?

We want to change the small world of accounting for SMEs and Start-up in Quebec.

How do we do that?

With good people, but especially by having a completely redesigned approach. We use new technologies to kill the bookkeeper’s work and change the accountant’s involvement with the entrepreneur in start-up or high-growth businesses.

We have also thrown into the garbage many conventions related to the world of accounting firms (hierarchy, compensation structure, culture of billable hours) and replace them with better management practices.

Who are we looking for?

We do not believe a single accountant model, but we still have basic requirements:

  • Rigor
  • Adaptability
  • Ease of teamwork
  • Bilingualism

What are the advantages of working for Le Chiffre?

  • Many challenges
  • Clear Vision
  • Flexible and reasonable schedule
  • Dynamic and welded team




Profiles that we want

1) Account Manager

Most of our clients have limited financial skills in-house, it is our role to be there to support them in both their financial and accounting and tax strategies. The account manager acts as controller and CFO, externally, of our clients. He ensures that we coordinate the resources of our clients to maximize his chances of success and reduce his risk.

We are looking for people with accounting credentials and at least 4 years of accounting experience for this position.

2) Accountant

Technically, the job description is identical to that of an accounting technician: bookkeeping, payroll processing, administration. However, our requirements are more advanced; Our work hardly includes any data entry, since we let the software work for us. The intervention is thus much more centered on software configuration, input control, accounting adjustments and communication with the customer.

We are looking for people with an accounting degree and at least 2 years of accounting experience for this position.

What do you need to do to work with us?

  • We are on mission, so we want motivated people. Show your interest in a good cover letter.
  • Submit a solid CV. We want your professionalism to become apparent from your first interactions with us.

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